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Why I do it?


Decompress.  Step outside of life for a while.   Leave all those worries, fears, expectations, hurts, pains, anxiety behind while I immerse myself in nature.  Leave life right where I left it, even if only for a short time. Those are some of the whys but there are more.

Tres Rios Wetlands, Arizona

My heart races when I see a new bird for the first time and I am filled with excitement and joy.  If I’m lucky enough to get a good shot, the excitement comes back while editing the photos and again when I’m sharing it with the world.  Admittedly, it feels less exciting seeing the same birds over and over again.  I have to remind myself to appreciate the regulars and watch them more closely to see if there is something about them that I missed or had never seen before.  Birds have their own unique way of hunting, bathing, traveling, and taking care of their young.  Some are territorial, some are happy in the company of others, some males raise their young, some don’t, some are monogamous, some aren’t, some migrate, some don’t, some look completely different in the winter, some stay the same all year long. Some find themselves lost and in locations outside of their range. 

2019-04-20  Painted Bunting

2019-04-20 Painted Bunting

The Willows, Port Aransas, Texas

  • 2015-04-25 House Wren

    2015-04-25 House Wren

    Mt. Lemmon, Arizona

  • 2019-04-19  Baltimore Oriole

    2019-04-19 Baltimore Oriole

    Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center, Port Aransas, Texas

  • 2015-02-21 Burrowing Owls

    2015-02-21 Burrowing Owls

    Santa Cruz Flats, Arizona

I never know what I'll encounter when I’m out birding.  The possibilities are endless.  Sometimes the outings are uneventful.  Sometimes they are filled with so much activity that it’s hard to keep up.

  • 2016-03-25  Bobcat
  • Disonycha sp.

I often miss a lot birds flying by and have low daily bird counts because I’m busy trying to capture one or a select few who decide to hang out for some photos.  Documenting sightings with photos and lists allows me to go back to those moments over and over again.  Not every time is there a spectacular photo to share with family and friends.  Some photos are just left in my memory, only for me to see and enjoy.

Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center (pre-Hurricane Harvey), Port Aransas, Texas

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